Training Tips

Happy February everyone!  This installment of Trainers Tips is a continuation of the previous two Trainers Tips – The Super 8.  This series of exercises is great for those rehabilitating the knee or ankle.  We use this series of exercises with our ACL patients especially.  This is exercise number 5 & 6 of The Super 8.

Utilizing a versa loop around the ankles, the patient squats and holds that position for 30-60 seconds.   The patient then stands almost straight up, slight bend at the knees, and proceeds to perform a Monster Walk (Side Step)  against the resistance of the verse loop around the ankles.  Side step slowly , making sure each step is deliberate and always keeping tension on the band.  Never let the ankles come so close as too relax the band during the monster walk.  This should be done over roughly 10-12 ft.  A squat hold as described above should be performed at each end of the Monster Walk.  Walking 10-12 ft there and back is 1x.

Next, remove the verse loop and perform what we call a Pitcher Squat.  Some people also call this a lunge squat off a box.  Make sure to keep your back straight and perform 10 squats on both the right and left leg.  (As shown in picture).  The combination of Monster Walks and Pitcher Squats should be performed 3 rounds without stopping – no rest in between exercises.  The patient should be constantly going back and forth between the 2 exercises described.

Happy exercising everyone!!

IMG_1119 IMG_1120 IMG_1121