Success Stories

Joshua Mitchell

Dear Natalie,Jeff,Kevin & Anthony,

Thank you for everything.  I couldn’t have gotten better without you and enjoyed the process without all of you!

Joshua Mitchell

CB Nebraska Cornhuskers

Oct 25, 2014; Lincoln, NE, USA; Nebraska Cornhuskers cornerback Josh Mitchell (5) recovers a Rutgers Scarlet Knights blocked field goal attempt in the first half at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports



Tommy Lasorda

Dear Jeff & Kevin,

You are the greatest.  You really helped me.  Thank you for all you have done.

Tommy Lasorda

Former Manager LA Dodgers




Joseph D. Piscioneri, Sr.

Dear Jeff:

You don’t know me although you always greet me in passing.  I’m an 82-year-old patient being treated for a torn left hamstring.  I had been to TEAM PT about ten years ago (at the old facility) with my then seven year old soccer playing grandson.  This is my first personal experience at your new place.

I’ve been in P.T. most of my adult life.  I’ve been to most of the facilities in our area.  Some were good, a few were mediocre, but yours is, by far, the very best.  Not because of your equipment or location, but because of your skilled, knowledgeable and friendly personnel.

When people get injured or following surgery they’re not at their best.  They’re in pain . . . both physically and mentally.  When my pain doctor, Daryl Caringi, D.O., sent me to TEAM, I only asked God to make it a facility that would make me well.  I couldn’t have asked for more, nor could I have gotten any better.

My therapist is Ben Duncan.  In his absence I’ve been treated by Nariba Maycock Gibson.  The tech they’ve assigned me to is Dan Gregory.  I feel I’ve been truly blessed with this trio because I’m getting well with a carefully coordinated program.  As you well know, people in their eighties do not improve quickly.  I’m not an exception.  I’m just with the good hands people.  There is neither time nor space to allow me to expound on the excellent merits of Ben and Dan.  I am eternally grateful to both of them.

To avoid the risk of leaving out the name of someone, allow me to say that ALL of your personnel are top drawer . . . from the young ladies at the front desk to all the techs who do ultrasound, electric stim and ice or hot packs.  Once I’m well again, I’ll never be satisfied going anywhere else.  It’s no wonder why so many patients and/or their families speak so highly of TEAM.

Please accept and extend my sincere thanks to everyone at TEAM PT.  They and you have earned it!

Respectfully and sincerely,

Joseph D. Piscioneri, Sr.


Wendy Rubick

In April 2013, I drove 1,334 miles for therapy at Team because I knew I would be in great hands. Two weeks prior, I had glanced at the Team Physical Therapy website, which represented a place of inspiration, hope and dreams of the heart. My dream to attend the facility-despite the obstacles of distance, an apartment lease and grad school in Austin, Texas-had come true.
Since 2005, I have been treated at various physical therapy facilities, but the excellence and phenomenal care at Team FAR surpasses the others. In my opinion, Jeffrey Bekendam and his facility are the best in the country. The difference is environment and quality of care.
After surgery for a shifting peroneal tendon on my right foot, I completed a year of physical therapy at Team in 2006. I had read they changed lives and experienced first hand that it was true. Not only was I fully recovered physically, but the Team environment had helped move me out of a post college depression. The gym was filled with high energy, goodness, music, and fun. Friendship and socializing extended between patients, and the love, support, and humor of tech Kevin and p.t. Jeff made it a special place. The bustling business full of patients was nothing like I had seen anywhere else. Yet despite the many accolades on the gym walls-including photos of celebrity athletes as former patients-the business maintained a humble, sincere vibe.
While most PT places provide for 45 minutes of care, at Team sessions are two hours or longer depending on need and availability of the patient. Jeff and his colleagues provide an aggressive approach, pushing patients to reach optimum levels of recovery. Extensive therapy sessions include: custom orthotics, warm and cold whirlpools, heat packs and ice, ultrasound machines, manual therapy (deep tissues massages and stretches), physical therapy exercises in the 8,500 square foot facility, and take home exercises with color digital photos as a guide. Patients are tested on the Biodex machine so therapists can communicate with doctors on patient progress. Jeff’s physical therapy technique is aggressive and unique, “thinking outside of the box.”
In November 2013, I was excited that my mom started treatment at Team for bilateral foot drop and osteoarthritis of the hands. Since then, she has begun walking short distances and will be abandoning her walker soon.
After eight months of treatment in 2013 at Team for peroneal tendon problems in both feet and carpel tunnel issues, my wrists are in great shape and my walking is greatly improved. For the first time in about two years, I am able to grocery shop without using a mobile cart! Team Physical Therapy is the reason and will forever hold a special place in my heart.


Wendy Rubick

UT Journalism Grad/former waitress


Chris Prieto


A combination of intelligence, energy and great people has provided an amazing family atmosphere to rehab in.

Thanks for everything.

Chris Prieto
Former Outfielder
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


Frank Strong


Thanks 2 my boys, Jeff and Kevin. I appreciate the help and support. Thanks a whole bunch.

Frank Strong
Former Linebacker
USC Football

Darrell Haire

Dear Jeff,

I am so thankful for all you have done for me. This is the first time in 2½ years that I feel confident dancing on my foot! You are such a blessing and I thank God for you. I can’t thank you enough for helping me out like you did, but when I make it big you will have season tickets and the whole works!

I know without you Julliard wouldn’t have been possible for me.

I will keep you in my prayers always.

Thanks, Jeff!

Darrell Haire
Full Ride Scholarship to Julliard School of Performing Arts

Anthony Vasquez

Jeff and the entire staff,

During the 2 years of therapy at TEAM PT I have had a great time. All of you have been friendly, professional and most of all the very best at what you do. Thanks so much for making me better in so many ways.

Anthony Vasquez
Head Varsity Baseball Coach
Los Osos High School

Angela Williams


With many blessings and people like you to help me all the way has brought me to my dreams!

You will always be in my heart.

Angela Williams
2004 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Team Member


Molli and Tony Rathstone


I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate you. You and your staff take such good care of our clients. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Everyone always comes back raving about you and your staff and saying how well they were treated.

In our program we get quite a few sedentary people who haven’t worked out in many years. They quickly realize, usually in the first couple of days of class, how far they have let themselves go. They suddenly find out that injuries from years ago that they have ignored weren’t really gone. They were just lurking under the surface of their sedentary lifestyles.

Even if they won’t go to the doctor, we can usually talk them into seeing you. And when they do, they are thrilled with how they are treated. It’s great to know we have someone we trust that we can send them to.

Molli and Tony Rathstone
Inland Empire Boot Camp

William Westman


You (and quite a few other people) asked me why I use TEAM with my 60 mile commute from Temecula. I toured 12 local places and picked yours with the commute. So this note is an answer to your question about why your place is so much better that it is worth the commute, time and money.

1. You and Husain take ownership in my shoulder. You committed to work with him to make shoulders better. You learned what he wanted and brought it together with your knowledge and practical experience to create an extremely successful treatment plan. You work together with my doctor to make me well. No other place that I found works with a Doctor like this. The two of you own the technical part of my shoulder repair from start to finish. TEAM is a good name. I could show up at a different PT place with a prescription and get no TEAM work.

2. Your place is open. The therapists, helpers, and patients can all communicate –all the time. I talked to another shoulder patient whose performance is past mine, accomplished in a shorter period of time. I asked you why and the answer is clear and makes sense. Everyone answers questions in front of other patients and professionals –so everyone there will usually be right. Also if a Therapist was doing something stupid in front of the other therapists –I am sure that it would be questioned by the other therapists or patients. Most other places I went to had few other patients and probably no shoulder friends to talk too. I normally have 3 shoulder friends at TEAM and I’ve compared my experiences with at least 12 other shoulder repair patients. We share how to manage pain, sleep, cook, collect disability, how to put a shirt on, and what to expect next.

3. At TEAM there is no time limit on therapy. One of the places I went to warned me that if I showed up 15 minutes late then I would lose 15 minutes of the hour of therapy time. I was at your place for 2.5 hours last session. Once I needed to get out at 11, and you got me out at 11. You offer more time to your patients and meet our scheduling needs.

4. The people and facility you have is clean and sharp with a positive attitude. The patients, like me, that want to get back to work share a sense of urgency to get well. There is a sense of joy-filled positive attitude amongst the workers at TEAM. This is because of your enthusiasm, example, enforcement and because they are in front of a crowd of patients and professionals that understand the importance of a positive attitude.

5. Your place is entertaining. I see two therapists tweaking a guy’s neck or shoulders or something. I watch as you jump onto a table to push on a back or knee. I watched someone pull a tech (with a leash) across the store front. I saw a chubby old fellow balancing his back on a ball while wiggling a stick. A few years ago I saw a girl walking on her hands on exercise steps. People wear or manipulate all sorts of apparatus and I watch them get better. I watch folks push farther and stronger and over the weeks I see improvement and I am entertained. I also can watch TV and listen to good music while recovering. I am relieved that my shoulder friends cannot understand the words in the song either. And at the end of the session the little Snickers is a great reward on the way out.

6. TEAM worked for me. My wife and I have been to therapy many times –and a couple times it did not seem to do much. When we went to your place we got better –every time.

So I drive 60 miles to TEAM. Last Monday I left home at 5:40 AM, worked out at Team for 2 hours and 30 min. and returned home by 10:00 AM. On top of the $15 copay I spent an extra 2 hours driving and $18 on gas. My shoulder getting done right and a joy filled experience of healing are worth the time and money for me.

William Westman

Luis Llerena

Dear Jeff,

Now that my physical therapy is coming to a close, I want to thank you and the staff at Team for helping me through these last three months. In particular I want to thank Brett, Kevin, Amber, Christina, Justin, Reba and the intern staff for the warm and personable manner in which they treated me. Physical therapy can often be a long, painful, boring and arduous process, but you and your staff made it fun and something to look forward to. Your facility came highly recommended and it was easy to see why from day one. There is a positive and caring spirit that permeates the facility. It begins at the top and works all the way through to the wonderful ladies at the front desk greeting patients as they enter.

The word “Team” on the front of the building is not just a name. From my experience, it is a philosophy that you all take very seriously and practice every day. You and your staff give the patient the individual attention that lets them know they are in good hands. Everyone has a genuine pride in what they do and it translates into the way they interact with the patients and each other.

Thank you once again for your help and support. I wish you all good luck.

Luis Llerena

Anita Stevens

To the TEAM at Team Physical Therapy

First I want to thank you all for being part of the healing process and working with me to get me back on my feet. It seems like just the other day I started my therapy, and although we all know it’s been 7 months since we kicked this off, my visits with you will be missed.

Looking back, the decision to initially have the knee surgery was not one easily taken, as there are lots of stories you hear from previous patients and the doctors themselves of the pain that is involved in the recovery process. Unfortunately, the stories I heard are true, the pain is unbearable at times. There were many days I simply wanted to give up and stay in bed and avoid the drive to what I knew would be a difficult therapy session, but we were in this together and I wasn’t about to quit on myself, my family or the staff at Team Physical Therapy, whom I now call friends.

Kevin, there is not enough I can say in words to thank you for your help in getting me through the therapy sessions. Your ability to allow patients to overcome the pain through your motivation, your humor, and your wonderful personality is a real gift. You’ve made my recovery an experience I will never forget. I was truly blessed to have you as my physical therapist.

Jeff, if I were a foot taller you may not have gotten away with all the pain and tears you put me through. Lucky thing I’m a small woman. Your physical therapy sessions were intense and painful and directly responsible for getting me where you knew I needed to be to get back to enjoying life and making the decision to have the knee surgery all worth it. For that, I thank you deeply.

Once again, to everyone at Team Physical Therapy, I am so very grateful and appreciative for all your help in getting me through the recovery process. The sessions will be missed . . . albeit, gladly so.

With much love,
Anita Stevens

P.S. Steven, drum lessons are going fantastic. I not only gained my ability to walk again with your help, I also gained a lifelong dream of mine – to learn to play the drums.

Dianne Stewart

To my friends at Team Physical Therapy,

This is a bittersweet day for me – I am completing my course of physical therapy for my new “bionic” right knee today. I cannot thank you enough for all you have given me these last three months. Whether I have worked directly with you or not, you have given me your best: your best smile, your warm greeting, your best encouragement, your best efforts in everything you did with and for me. For those with whom I worked closely on a more consistent basis, there are not enough words to describe my gratitude. I have grown very fond of each and every one of you, and I will miss you.

I never dreamed I could look forward to going to exercise let alone pain and exercise!! It is only by the grace of God and the marvelous staff at Team Therapy that I knew I would make it through and enjoy doing it!! Whether you are on board as support staff, therapist, tech, aide or volunteer, you contribute to the success and special spirit of this place.

Jeff, special kudos to you and your vision and leadership for this place; it is like no other. I have been blessed to be here. Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me.

Dianne Stewart

Anna Salas

Dear Jeff,

Thank you so much for helping me rehabilitate my torn calf.

In the gospels, Jesus is known as a healer. Jesus lays his hands on the sick and they are returned to health. God has given you the gift of healing. By His grace, you lay your hands on others and they are restored to health.

I have been to many doctors for various reasons, but only at your gym have I been able to readily identify Christ in the practice. Your employees and clients relate to one another with respect, gentleness and love for one another, the love Jesus speaks about.

Silver and gold I have not, but I do have prayer. You, your family and your practice and clients will always be in my prayers.

Thank you, God bless, peace be with you.

Anne Salas
May 2012

Ray McGee

I was a patient of yours for the last several months. I came into the PT office today to say thank you to David, Natalie and Jeff. I’ve been back to work for over a month now and my shoulder is stronger then ever. Thanks for all the hard work and time that you guys spent with me.

Once again a big thumbs up goes out to all of you for all of your hard work.

Thank you,
Ray McGee